• Summer Trend in the Shape of a Pineapple
  • The heart of the forest in your home
  • From Memphis to Milano The Iconic 1980s Style is Back in the Game
Summer Trend in the Shape of a Pineapple
The heart of the forest in your home
From Memphis to Milano The Iconic 1980s Style is Back in the Game
Summer Trend in the Shape of a Pineapple

The pineapple is a fruit and a common motif in design, used as a unique and affordable way to bring warmth and hospitality into a home. Its history dates back to the end of 15th century, when it was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. Once an expensive luxury, it now appears in almost all possible incorporations in fashion, interior design and in popular culture.
The heart of the forest in your home

In the modern, urbanized world of "ready" solutions, we need calmness more than ever, to be able to escape from the hubbub of the city, the omnipresent wi-fi and upcoming deadlines. 
Furniture makeovers without tools -   a short guide

It’s no wonder that out of the plethora of available products we increasingly choose those customizable or tailor made. Everyone deserves to feel special by expressing themselves in their own way. For this reason, we created a short guide for simple furniture makeovers with using practically nothing more than Pixerstick stickers and, of course, your imagination.
From Memphis to Milano The Iconic 1980s Style is Back in the Game

The 1980s was a time filled with neon colors, geometric patterns and crazy experiments both in the field of fashion and design. Luckily, the nature of all trends is cyclical - and now all these tendencies from before almost four decades are coming back in a number of diverse incarnations.
Wallpapers tailored to your taste

Although the trends in interior design change, patterns are an ever lasting decoration motif. Tropical leaves, flowers, dots, stripes, geometry patterns, birds and much more captured in repetitive patterns can create a unique and outstanding look like the iconic Martinique wallpaper from the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Enchant your wedding with romantic walls

A wedding is a life-changing moment for everyone who has decided to take this big step. On this day, we not only declare love, but also commit to take responsibility and care for our “other half”.
The Warsaw Heart of Central Europe

The Heart is a newly built business space in Warsaw. It is unique not only due to the location on the 38th floor of the Warsaw Spire skyscraper but also the concept of the office layout.
Pantone Fall 2017 colors in interiors

With the end of February, the Pantone Institute announced the colors that will dominate the runways in the upcoming fall-winter fashion collections. In two palettes, one for New York and the other for London, Pantone indicated the color trends in design for the upcoming fall.  
How to Optically Enlarge a Room using Wall Murals?

The wall murals can play a central role in small interiors. The question is what patterns and motives to choose in order to optically enlarge the room? 
Look4app outstanding office

At present, the office is not only considered a place of work, but also a key element affecting the image of the employer and the company. Look4app is a start-up from Wrocław specialized in applications development. 
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