• How to arrange a workspace at home: 3 simple steps
  • Trends from Fashion Week in your home
  • Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2018 - Personalized Presents to Give
How to arrange a workspace at home: 3 simple steps
Trends from Fashion Week in your home
Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2018 - Personalized Presents to Give
How to arrange a workspace at home: 3 simple steps

Working at home on a full-time basis, or pursuing a passion - your home office or atelier can become an ornament of your home and a well-organized place with a creative atmosphere. See how to arrange a space for work at home, to be functional and aesthetic.
Trends from Fashion Week in your home

Emotions after Fashion Weeks have subsided, we already know what we will be wearing in the 2019 spring/summer season. Let's see how we can dress our homes to be fashionable, like our wardrobe and comfortable, like a favorite tracksuit.
Best Holiday Gift Ideas 2018 - Personalized Presents to Give

We often find it difficult to choose an original gift that will at the same time match the recipient’s taste. Pixers' graphic designers have carefully selected designs that work perfectly as gifts. We invite you to view our selections!
Christmas at Pixers

Soon it'll be time to stop for a moment so that we can enjoy the company of our loved ones, sharing gifts, in homes filled with festive aura and decorations. 
Trends straight from Pinterest in your home!

Here are 5 the most popular trends from Pinterest, which you can easily recreate in your own interior, using patterned wallpapers, wall murals, stickers, prints and posters.
Interiors inspired by art: 4 styles, 4 great painters

Have you ever wondered what Mondrian’s contemporary apartment would look like? How would Egon Schiele or Henri Rousseau arrange their studio? What style would Paul Klee choose for himself? Here are arrangements inspired by the life and art of 4 prominent artists, whose works can be admired in the world's finest museums.
Pixers news: reproductions, Disney and tile stickers!

At Pixers, we are constantly looking for inspiration and new interior personalization options. In order to meet the expectations and tastes of our customers, we have introduced new types of designs, which include: the Master Yoda, Winnie the Pooh, works by Klimt and Monet, tile stickers and many others.
A house in fall colors

Fall, the favorite season of the those who prefer the coziness of their homes, will soon be upon us. The weather is not conducive to going out and spending free time outdoors, and the couch in the living room invites us to sit back and relax with a cup of favorite tea. This is a time when we can spend time at home without any remorse and pity, discovering its advantages again. Prepare your interior for the new season and create a homemade fall spa for the soul and body!
Back to school: llamas and unicorns rule!

Llamas and unicorns, one exists, the second has for several seasons been trying to prove that it is not mythical at all because of the decorations, clothes, and accessories with their likeness. Equally charming and carefree, they are fighting for attention and popularity not only on Pinterest and Instagram. These lovable creatures are the perfect motif for a toddler, preschooler and teenager's room.
Your house full of green energy: the urban jungle trend!

Soon, the lush greenness of the trees will change into autumn bad weather, and walks and picnics in the park will be replaced by evenings of watching your favorite movies and series. It is time for greenery in your home in every form - from potted plants to wallpaper and accessories in plant motifs! Check out which of them will find their home in your interior!
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At Pixers, we believe in the power of stories. They allow us to express who we are and inspire others at the same time.

For us the personalization of interiors is a form of contemporary storytelling. Show us where you live, and we will tell you who you are. Tell us who you are, and we will assist you in creating a living space to suit your taste.

A modern living room, a Provençal kitchen, or maybe a boho style bedroom? We will provide you with handy tips to help you achieve the effect of your dreams and create an interior which will make you feel perfectly at home. Immerse yourself in our catalog of an infinite number of designs or upload your own photos to tell your stories in ways thus far unknown to you.


Now you can live wherever you like. A desert island? The world’s highest mountain? Perhaps the vastness of Outer Space? Your imagination is the only limit. Give free rein to your imagination and transform your home into a place speaking of who you are more than mere words themselves.

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