How to Optically Enlarge a Room using Wall Murals?

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How to Optically Enlarge a Room using Wall Murals?


The wall murals can play a central role in small interiors. The question is what patterns and motives to choose in order to optically enlarge the room? 


A landscape escaping into the background, getting smaller and smaller is an effect of applying a linear or geometric perspective, an invention of Renaissance artists and mathematicians. It is the easiest way to create impressions that the wall doesn’t end together with its material surface. Also, it is the best way to achieve an interesting visual effect, which will deceive an eye of every visitor.


Marine landscapes, mountain views, and heavenly skies – a wall mural with one of these motifs will transform the wall into a window to another world. This may be a world resembling holidays spent in Venice, or evoking your favorite views from childhood.


A wall decorated with geometry is intended for those who look for an original, yet modern interior. And with stripes it is a piece of cake – vertically oriented stripes will optically expand a short interior, and the horizontal ones will make a narrow interior look at the wider. You can create stripes by painting them with paint, using colored washi tape or just use a striped wall mural.


We perfectly know that colors release emotions, but they also generate optical illusions. If you put together two squares of equal size, one black and the other white, the black one will seem smaller than the white. These exciting properties of light and dark colors should be applied while decorating our homes – bright colors visually expand the space, and dark colors reduce it. Therefore, bright pastel colors shall be used in small interiors.


Macro tropical motives are an excellent way to create a unique and original interior. Expressive and luscious floral motives attract attention and make space deeper. The best addition to the wall murals with the leaves and flowers motives are the plants themselves – palms, cacti, dracaenas – if you place them in stylish flower pots, against the wall, you’ll achieve a three-dimensional effect.

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