Pantone Fall 2017 colors in interiors

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Pantone Fall 2017 colors in interiors


With the end of February, the Pantone Institute announced the colors that will dominate the runways in the upcoming fall-winter fashion collections. In two palettes, one for New York and the other for London, Pantone indicated the color trends in design for the upcoming fall.  

At Pixers, we decided to apply the fall palette for New York in interiors, and our stylists Katarzyna Kapuścińska and Katarzyna Duduś will hint as to which Pantone Fall 2017 colors will work in interiors, how to mix them in an interesting manner and what effects we can achieve by using them to decorate our homes.

What do you think about the Pantone Fall 2017 colors?

Katarzyna Kapuścińska: This set of Pantone colors hides many surprises in it. At first glance, it seems to be a typical palette of fall colors, however, upon taking a closer look it turns out that each hue is a unique, sophisticated version of the color that we already know - and that we are able to use.  The color combinations provide us with huge possibilities, since the palette is very well balanced and diversified. It offers combinations for classics fans as well as those that are intense, modern and bold.

Katarzyna Duduś: There is no such thing as bad colors, only bad pairing. This is the thought that comes to mind when looking at the fall, earthy palette of Pantone colors. This is not an easy arrangement, but nonetheless an intriguing one. When we look at the entire palette, we see an unobvious combination. On the one hand we have colors that are appropriate for the fall, warm orange, brown-red, light brown hues, the colors of nature, the colors of the falling leaves such as: Maple, Butterum or Tawny Port. On the other hand we also have the pink Ballet Slipper and the cool, refreshing Marina, which definitely stands out from the rest. 
KK: The colors of nature in this palette are deep and intense, they seem to be concentrated like a syrup, which is reflected in their names. Grenadine, Autumn Maple and Shaded Spruce immediately bring to mind fall leaves and pine needles, and hues such as Tawny Port or Butterum are an alternative to the typical earthy brown and beige tones.

Marina, Ballet Slipper and Golden Lime are refreshing colors, like the echo of the summer that has passed - a cloudless sky, flowers, the greenness of the grass. These are balancing tones, which go very well with dark, heavier colors by enlivening them.  

The neutral colors take on new forms: grayness is cold and distinct, the brownish beige of Butterum is a variation of a classic, the deep navy color of Navy Peony and the wooden-spicy hue of the intensely red Port wine (Tawny Port) have become an alternative to black.

Which of the colors from the palette work best in interiors?

KK: Each of the colors of the new Pantone palette has their own distinct personality and could be used as the main motif in an interior. The dark and neutral hues will fit well with classic, sophisticated and spacious interiors. Modern style is definitely the combination of neutral tones with the intense colors of lime, red, light blue and yellow, which in minimalist interiors works very well as an accent color. Dark colors - navy blue and maroon also work as such accents. Delicate rose with fresh green make up a very attractive combination and works well in bedrooms and in kids rooms.

KD: It's all about the coordination. Even the least attractive color can look great in a well composed interior. See, for example, Pixers arrangements using the color Golden Lime. You just can't get enough, right? Nevertheless, the safest, trendy colors of the fall are Neutral Gray, Butterum, Ballet Slipper. If you like to experiment, take advantage of this season's original deep colors such as Tawny Port or Shaded Spruce.

Do you suggest any interesting combinations from these colors?

KD: The pale pink Ballet Slipper seems to be interesting when paired up with the above mentioned "typically fall" colors. It will certainly add some lightness and will brighten the interiors of these, as a rule, dark months. The same goes for the cool Marina color, which will bring harmony to a room filled with warm yellow or brown tones and allow it to maintain a very fresh composition.
KK: Pantone's proposals for the Fall 2017 would go great together in these combinations:
  • Navy Peony + Shaded Spruce + Golden Lime or Marina
  • Beautiful and sophisticated retro: Ballet Slipper + Butterum + Navy Peony
  • Dark classic: Tawny Port + Navy Peony + Shaded Spruce
  • Revived classic: Autumn Maple/Grenadine + Navy Peony + Shaded Spruce
  • Delicate: Ballet Slipper + Neutral Grey + Butterum
  • Nautical: Grenadine + Navy Peony + Marina
  • Modern: Ballet Slipper + Shaded Spruce

What effect will this give to the interiors?

KK: In the classic style, Navy Peony, Shaded Spruce and Tawny Port will comprise a vibrant background for plants and antiques, however in combination with modern furniture or light colors, they will take on a bold, modern character. The neutral colors (Gray, Butterum, Ballet Slipper) will go well in a majority of interiors as a background, and the refreshing, practically summer colors (Marina, Maple, Lime, Grenadine) will brighten and cheer up any room. They also are a great fit for kids rooms and as accent colors.
KD: At first glance, Pantone's proposals for the Fall 2017 season seem to be relatively toned down, however, with a little effort, smart arrangement of the colors, selection of appropriate accessories and tasteful details, they can change any interior into something beautiful!
Tawny Port.jpgshadedspruce_100765294.jpggoldenlime_117212166.jpgballetlipper_100098411.jpgbutterum_133448667.jpg100544521_neutralgrey.jpg

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