Enchant your wedding with romantic walls

Enchant your wedding with romantic walls


A wedding is a life-changing moment for everyone who has decided to take this big step. On this day, we not only declare love, but also commit to take responsibility and care for our “other half”.

We plan this special event with great attention to detail, as we want this to be a beautiful beginning of our lives together and a memory that will stay with us for many years to come.

Among the numerous current wedding trends , one of the most interesting are flower walls like the one that served as a background for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding ceremony.
The flowers, however, do not necessarily have to be fresh. Artificial and paper flowers are just as popular:
At Pixers, you will find flowery backgrounds that are the easiest to install, but in no way less attractive, perfect for a self-adhesive wall mural:
Wedding inspirations.jpg
Wedding inspirations (10).jpg
In just a few hours, they will help you fully transform the ambiance of the ceremony venue or create a beautiful background for your original photos.
Wedding inspirations (9).jpg
The biggest advantage of Pixers is the availability of an infinite number of designs to choose from and which can be transferred to the place of our choice with ease.
Apart from flowers, pastels and recently fashionable marble motifs will be a very beautiful and universal option. The choice is limited only by our imagination.
We can create a beautiful ceremony with designs inspired by natural rocks from the Nature Hues collection or take our guests into outer space, or Paris, or a lavender field.
Regardless of the main motif that we choose, the most important thing is to make your wedding fully “yours”. At Pixers we live to change, so let us be with you on this very special day and become a part of your story.
Wedding inspirations (7).jpgWedding inspirations (8).jpgWedding inspirations (5).jpgWedding inspirations (9).jpgWedding inspirations (4).jpgWedding inspirations (1).jpgWedding inspirations (3).jpgWedding inspirations (6).jpgWedding inspirations (2).jpgWedding inspirations (10).jpgWedding inspirations.jpg
Product links:
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/lovers-in-the-meadow-8594
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/in-yogurt-colors-8593
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/pure-beauty-of-nature-8592
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/white-and-blueness-8591
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/game-of-light-and-water-8590
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/blue-dreams-8589
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/dreamy-8586

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