Wallpapers tailored to your taste

Wallpapers tailored to your taste


Although the trends in interior design change, patterns are an ever lasting decoration motif. Tropical leaves, flowers, dots, stripes, geometry patterns, birds and much more captured in repetitive patterns can create a unique and outstanding look like the iconic Martinique wallpaper from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

We all love this look, however when we think of traditional wallpaper we associate it with time consuming installation and what’s worse, with the process of its removal. Fortunately modern wallpaper is far beyond its ancestors. We therefore proudly present Pixers wallpaper that will change your way of perceiving this form of decoration! 
We would like to propose modern patterns you can print on eco-friendly material. Have a look at a new feature - the possibility of scaling  the patterns from very large to very small: 
Wallpaper allows you to change your interiors according to the latest trends and is, at the same time, tailored to your taste.
The matte and self-adhesive Pixerstick wallpaper material is resistant to tearing and creasing. It can be installed with ease - you can stick and remove it as many times as you like until you feel it’s absolutely perfect. Forget about adhesive, wrap and brushes - you won't need them.
The only thing that you have to do to change your interior is to select your pattern, scale it and dress your walls in a unique design!
Pixers Wallpapers (9).jpgPixers Wallpapers (13).jpgPixers Wallpapers (8).jpgPixers Wallpapers (11).jpgPixers Wallpapers (3).jpgPixers Wallpapers (7).jpgPixers Wallpapers (6).jpgPixers Wallpapers (12).jpgPixers Wallpapers (5).jpgPixers Wallpapers (10).jpgPixers Wallpapers (4).jpgPixers Wallpapers (1).jpgnotka_134514067.jpg12.jpg
Product links:
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/climbing-cacti-8604
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/wild-fruits-8605
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/home-herbarium-8603
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/pattern-with-a-foloral-motif-8600
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/flight-of-origami-birds-8599
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/exotic-toucans-8598
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/exotic-toucans-8598
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/blue-fans-8597
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/in-the-shade-of-leaves-8574
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/patterned-triangles-8575
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/concentration-in-green-8608
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/natural-rosettes-8607
  • https://new.pixersize.com/evolutions/light-sky-8092

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