2018 in the shade of ultra violet

2018 in the shade of ultra violet


Violet is a shade rarely found in nature, so obtaining such a dye in the olden days was extremely difficult. Like everything that is rare, unique and difficult to access, it was reserved for special people and for special occasions throughout history. In the coming year, however, it will be the leading color for all of us, because the Pantone Institute has just announced ultra violet as the color of the year for 2018.

According to Pantone specialists, the color of 2018 "communicates the originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that shows us the future". Violet is also a shade symbolizing the uniqueness of mysticism, associated with spirituality and contemplation. In ultraviolet we also find references to the infinite puzzles of the cosmos and the secrets that are waiting to be discovered. Therefore, next to the mystical message of this color, it is also symbolic for futurism and technology.

We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. It is this kind of creative inspiration that is indigenous to PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet, a blue-based purple that takes our awareness and potential to a higher level

said Leatrice Eiseman Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute

In its substantiation, the Pantone Institute also refers to the icons of pop culture, who have broken fashion conventions with the help of purple, mentioning David Bowie and Prince, as well as Jimi Hendricks with a characteristic purple scarf or a more contemporary icon, Lady Gaga.
However, the cultural connotations of ultraviolet do not end there. It was the artistic pseudonym of Andy Warhol's muse Isabelle Collin Dufresne, it was often portrayed in the psychedelic art of the 1960s, and also gave the title to the dystopian science fiction film from 2006 with Mila Jovovich in the lead role.
So how should ultraviolet be used in interior design with such a broad inspiration? Each of the shades of purple is a bold choice that will add tone to the room. To facilitate the decoration with this shade, the Pantone Institute has prepared 8 color palettes, with which the new color of the year fits perfectly ...
Boho style interiors are already open to strong color accents and contrasts, such as a combination of yellow and blue, red with pink or purple. In this case, Attitude and Desert Sunset palettes will work perfectly well.

Desert Sunset palette

Desert Sunset palette

Although it is seemingly garish and very expressive, you can perfectly tone it down with a properly selected palette, such as Intrigue or Purple Haze. In these palettes, ultraviolet will not be glaring for us in contemporary, Scandinavian or even minimalist interiors.
Intrigue palette

Intrigue palette

The combination with pink seems relatively natural for the color of 2018, but the composition with beige is less obvious. Meanwhile, in the Quietude palette, the Pantone Institute proves that it is a shade that can be integrated in both classic and eclectic interiors without fear.
Quietude palette

Quietude palette

We can find similar matches to Quietude, but in much more expressive contrasts in the Drama Queen palette. Drama queen is definitely a range of shades for people who like an unusual and distinctive style, as well as the combination of old and new, which, by reference to the colors of the 60s, 70s and 80s, will work well in retro and vintage interiors.
Drama Queen palette

Drama Queen palette

As already mentioned at the beginning, violet is not common in nature, but this does not mean that it is not present at all. Fuchsias, asters, bellflowers, lilac, and finally lavender are just a few examples of the color of 2018 in nature. In spite of appearances, it also blends well in the pastel Floral Fantasies palette, which is perfect for interiors in Provencal style, rustic or shabby chick.
Floral Fantasies palette

Floral Fantasies palette

Ultraviolet may seem a very bold choice, but as the Pantone Institute specialists prove, as its symbolism is ambiguous, it can have many views. And most importantly, it is a shade that symbolically shows us the way of invention, exploration and self-development, so it is worth letting the spirit of Pantone 2018 guide us in the upcoming year, at least symbolically.

For more inspiration, please visit Pixers.us
pantone_122804350_172818781_35152735_118053135_119045164_druk.jpgpantone_103949330_druk.jpgpantone_182309561_168605200_134003829_druk.jpgpantone_176110698_92216615_92778790_druk.jpgpantone_175338185_121371481_druk.jpg168605200_krzeslo_pantone.jpg102754682_sypialnia_pantone.jpg183100973_sypialnia_pantone.jpg143656665_jadalnia_pantone.jpg174693758_92778790_156529122_salon_pantone.jpgPantone 2018 by Pixers (11).jpg

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