Pixers will invest USD 2 million in a new smart photobank

Pixers will invest USD 2 million in a new smart photobank


Pixers, a company up to now known for interior personalization services plans to invest USD 2 million in 2018 in the creation of a new secure photobank called Aistock.

Aistock's advantage over existing photobanks will be based on the lack of fees for those persons adding their files to the database. As a result, photographers, graphic designers and artists will be able to earn more than up to now, without the need of paying a commission to the website.

Moreover, Aistock will be a database based on the latest technologies, ensuring data and transaction security. Thanks to technology, payment using cryptocurrencies will be available, which will allow currency conversion rates to be avoided.
The data in Aistock will be stored in the blockchain system which guarantees security though data decentralization.
This system introduces photograph owner identification guarantee on the basis of the database, which in practice means that it will be very easy to check whether a given photograph belongs to the Aistock blockchain network through the application of an automatic search for photographs in blockchain.
How will Aistock stand out from other photobanks? Its advantage will be the artificial intelligence system which speeds up and improves the categorization of files that are uploaded to the database. Regardless of whether these will be photographs, graphics, videos or 3D graphics, the software will be able to quickly and efficiently identify and catalog a given file. The smart system will help those searching through the database to find the most relevant and well suited search results, matching their given needs.
We are building this solution based on blockchain, not a simple database, because it gives you a lot of advantages that are not available online today.
The start up of the platform is planned for the spring of 2018m and the aim is to get to the top of the photobank databases within 2 years.

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