Pixers Business
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Pixers Business

This is a special division of PIXERS which will look after your individual needs for personalizing your office, restaurant, hotel, gym and any other commercial space that you have.

We personalize interiors in ways thus far unknown to you. You will transform any interior in the blink of an eye, vesting it with individual traits.

Pixers Business will come to the aid of anyone wishing to economically create a modern office space or imbue a restaurant, hotel, or a medical unit with a unique air. Our team cooperates with interior designers and offers individual graphic design proposals. This is how any office or commercial premises can be transformed into a company’s original showcase by keeping up with the latest trends in interior design and highlighting your company’s corporate culture and values. We offer original solutions regardless of the client’s budget limitations all businesses can have access to our boundless imagination.
 Graphic designers at Pixers Business produce designs in a variety of styles, drawing upon numerous trends. Each project is different, as each client comes with their own story to tell.

We are currently working on an original project on the verge of robotics and the Universe. The client has opted for an intriguing concept featuring a cat in space, but in the end his own dog was ‘dispatched’ into Outer Space. There are no limits and standards in terms of taste. This shows how far you can go in interior personalization.

Malina Mituniewicz-Sysło, Graphic Designer

We think and act globally – personalizing interiors all over the world and communicating with our customers in 11 languages. We know that good stories transcend all barriers. Contact us, and we will help you to enjoy an extraordinary change at pixers.biz
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