Dare to Scare!

Dare to Scare!


Halloween Removable Wall Décor by PIXERS

Halloween is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild – not only in terms of dressing up, but also decorating your home. It is a special night when all the rules are set aside and when even the cheesiest decorations are allowed to appear inside and outside our homes.
However, PIXERS proposes to scare people and, at the same time, satisfy your children in a more deliberate (and economical) way. You don’t need to make a mess by cutting out pumpkins to make your home look really scary.

With our removable and repositionable wall murals and posters, decorating walls with horrific scenography has never been so easy. The online shop offers a wide range of various motifs for Halloween – from realistic spider webs to funny patterns with zombies and friendly ghosts. Such decorations can be installed in a room of a child who loves Halloween so much that they want it to last all year long, however, it also can be applied as a temporary wall décor that will astonish your guests.

Now, you can spend this mysterious night in real chambers of magic – such walls will look cool lightened with the warm glow of candles, with shadows of black cats, witches and vampires moving on their surface. Dare to scare with PIXERS and check out our scary proposals!

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