Look4app outstanding office
At present, the office is not only considered a place of work, but also a key element affecting the image of the employer and the company. Look4app is a start-up from Wrocław specialized in applications development. 
Oscar Nominees 2017 Captured In Beautiful Moodboards
The Oscars always awaken a certain dose of excitement in us. Which film will be this year's winner? Who will prove to be the best actor and actress and who will take home the largest number of statuettes? We ask ourselves these questions and bet on our own favorites.
A small, grand change — how Salon Hair Fashion Studio won its own personalization
Inspiring and interesting interiors are one of the best ways to attract a customer’s attention. An original interior and aesthetics are especially important in the beauty sector. Knowing just how big the role of the interiors is in beauty salons, Pixers your business was very pleased to join the contest organized by the Booksy portal.
Trends for Office Design in 2017
An office design used to be determined by cost efficiency, but now companies realize that the well-being of their employees is far more important in the long haul. Therefore, the design of our offices needs to evolve in response to an employee’s wish to simply feel better at work.
20 Most Photographed Sites Around the World
Is it possible to return from Paris without a shot of the Eiffel Tower? It certainly is, yet a perfect majority of us will find it difficult to resist the temptation to take a shot of this famous sight. And there is nothing strange about our love for documenting our travels to return to them in future.
PIXERS Teams Up with iStaging to revolutionize interior design with Augmented and Virtual Reality
Tell your business story with PIXERS
How To Design An Office That Brings Out Best Of People
A working space is an environment in which a human being thrives and strives. we need to understand that people seek physical and emotional comfort wherever they are — at home, the office, a coffee shop, park, etc.