Invite the magic to child's room with PIXERS

Children live in a world of fantasy, where anything can happen, and nothing is impossible. The best way to give them a happy childhood is to harness this magic, so it doesn’t dispel too quickly. 
Walls from One Thousand and One Nights

Bold patterns, colorful fabrics and contrasting colors are currently the must-have details of every stylish house. The style inspired by the romantic country of diversities, Morocco, reflects the lasting fascination with everything that is mysterious and distant. At the same time, it reproduces the lavish atmosphere of the One Thousand and One Nights palaces and residences. 
Tropical Motives for Home

Most of us live in the urban jungle that teems with busy streets, metropolis’ blaring sounds, that blooms with bright billboards, and wakes up to a second life at night just like a real jungle.   
Go green with Greenery

The color of 2017 brings us back to nature – it’s energetic and calming, encouraging us to spend time outdoors with our family and friends, to simply live a healthy life.
Enchant your space and feel the magic of Christmas with Pixers!

The inside of our home never feels as cozy as it does in winter, when it is freezing outside, and we can wrap up in a blanket in the comfort of our own space. 
Dare to Scare!

Halloween Removable Wall Décor by PIXERS
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