Pantone Fall 2017 colors in interiors

With the end of February, the Pantone Institute announced the colors that will dominate the runways in the upcoming fall-winter fashion collections. In two palettes, one for New York and the other for London, Pantone indicated the color trends in design for the upcoming fall.  

5 days ago

How to Optically Enlarge a Room using Wall Murals?

The wall murals can play a central role in small interiors. The question is what patterns and motives to choose in order to optically enlarge the room? 

5 days ago

Make Easter fun with Pixers!

Although we don't celebrate Easter as boisterously as we do Christmas with all the presents and the surrounding holiday madness, it is nevertheless an equally colorful holiday as we celebrate the rebirth of nature after the long winter hibernation. 

about 2 months ago

Spring Inspirations for Bike Lovers

Spring Inspirations for Bike Lovers Bike is the best companion of every individual, who takes care of Earth and its resources. It is easy to fall in love with this useful vehicle – so let’s just praise its flawless shape and light construction.

about 2 months ago

Invite the magic to child's room with PIXERS

Children live in a world of fantasy, where anything can happen, and nothing is impossible. The best way to give them a happy childhood is to harness this magic, so it doesn’t dispel too quickly. 

about 2 months ago

Walls from One Thousand and One Nights

Bold patterns, colorful fabrics and contrasting colors are currently the must-have details of every stylish house. The style inspired by the romantic country of diversities, Morocco, reflects the lasting fascination with everything that is mysterious and distant. At the same time, it reproduces the lavish atmosphere of the One Thousand and One Nights palaces and residences. 

about 2 months ago

Look4app outstanding office

At present, the office is not only considered a place of work, but also a key element affecting the image of the employer and the company. Look4app is a start-up from Wrocław specialized in applications development. 

2 months ago

Oscar Nominees 2017 Captured In Beautiful Moodboards

The Oscars always awaken a certain dose of excitement in us. Which film will be this year's winner? Who will prove to be the best actor and actress and who will take home the largest number of statuettes? We ask ourselves these questions and bet on our own favorites.

2 months ago

Tropical Motives for Home

Most of us live in the urban jungle that teems with busy streets, metropolis’ blaring sounds, that blooms with bright billboards, and wakes up to a second life at night just like a real jungle.   

2 months ago

Nature Hues - collection by Pixers

We live in a world of artificial flavors, synthetic clothes and plastic bags. But deep in our hearts we all long for nature — the smell of a forest, the touch of cold water from a stream, and an ever-changing landscape of trees, stones, bushes, grasses, wildflowers and the soil. This longing was recognized and used by interior designers from Pixers in their latest collection called Nature Hues. 

3 months ago