We all have a piece of furniture at home that we are not satisfied with - it is old, broken or we simply don’t like it anymore and just want something different. Exchanging for something entails high costs, which can be cushioned in a clever way – the DIY concept, in oth...

4 July 2018


20 June 2018

Yellow warms and electrifies, and since it was hailed the color of Generation Z, it reigns on fashion and interior design portals that report a colorful revolution and a fashion for canary, honey and lemon colors. Millennial Pink, beware! Yellow is coming!

5 June 2018

Are you planning a wedding or maybe helping in organizing one? Check out these ideas for original decorations that will make this day unforgettable!

24 May 2018

Some of us will spend our vacations in an exotic paradise, others in the mountains or in the quiet countryside, some will stay at home. The possibilities are endless, and the choice depends mainly on the wealth of our wallet and the amount of our free time. No matter how...

9 May 2018

The kitchen is your workshop in which you create meals and spend a lot of time. Prepare a space for yourself in which you will feel good and that will inspire you to compose new meals, detox, or simply cook Sunday chicken soup.

13 April 2018

Easter is an exceptional time not only because of the festive atmosphere. The first flowers and rays of the sun timidly remind us that nature is coming back to life and taking on colors, just like our houses adorned with Easter decorations and our blooming gardens. At Pi...

2 March 2018

Spring favors all changes. Nature comes to life, and the world becomes more beautiful each day - flowers and bushes bloom and the meadows and parks finally become green. The days get longer, we have more energy and ideas. No wonder we give ourselves to the ritual of spri...

15 February 2018

To say that we all love maps might be too much of a generalization, but there is no doubt that they are one of the most popular decorative motifs in our homes.

31 January 2018

How can you say I love you? There are so as many ideas in which you can express your feelings as there are people in the world. However, there is one way which will make these words linger for longer. Not only in someone's hears, but also on someone's wall! At Pixers, we...

23 January 2018

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