Pixers, a company up to now known for interior personalization services plans to invest USD 2 million in 2018 in the creation of a new secure photobank called Aistock.Aistock's advantage over existing photobanks will be based on the lack of fees for those persons adding ...

27 December 2017

Violet is a shade rarely found in nature, so obtaining such a dye in the olden days was extremely difficult. Like everything that is rare, unique and difficult to access, it was reserved for special people and for special occasions throughout history. In the coming year,...

18 December 2017

Floral motifs are one of the most popular and timeless trends in wall decoration. This time, Pixers proposes floral designs in a new version - not as a perfect addition to the interior, but as a mainstay in the interiors following the principles of maximalism.

5 November 2017

Although the snow outside the windows is not yet visible, the holidays are not far off and with them a perfect opportunity to shower our loved ones with gifts. However, we often find it difficult to choose an original gift that will at the same time match the recipient’s...

2 November 2017

The tantalizing scent of gingerbread, the green of the Christmas tree, the glow of the lights, the festive atmosphere full of warmth and kindness. This is the essence of Christmas, which we all await, both those big and small. Time stops for a moment so that we can enjoy...

13 October 2017

Pixers specialists transformed Onet’s gray office interiors. Luscious greens and tropical motifs filled the interior with positive energy.

20 September 2017

Halloween is one of the days of the year on which adults release their inner children. They enjoy decorating their homes and their interiors or nightmarish dress-ups almost as much as Christmas gifts and decorations. On this day, any house can become haunted. There is on...

20 September 2017

The pineapple is a fruit and a common motif in design, used as a unique and affordable way to bring warmth and hospitality into a home. Its history dates back to the end of 15th century, when it was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. Once an expensive luxury, it ...

18 August 2017

In the modern, urbanized world of "ready" solutions, we need calmness more than ever, to be able to escape from the hubbub of the city, the omnipresent wi-fi and upcoming deadlines. 

12 July 2017

It’s no wonder that out of the plethora of available products we increasingly choose those customizable or tailor made. Everyone deserves to feel special by expressing themselves in their own way. For this reason, we created a short guide for simple furniture makeovers w...

6 July 2017

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